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    Basically, I trying to say that they may have been just using the debates to confirm their pre existing bias about Clinton. As seems to be the case with a lot of Trump supporters, they may have turned a blind eye to all the fucking awful shit he does. And I can explain that bit, goddamn..

    [img]http://media2.picsearch.com/is?yNWjOG13Cp3ZA3Z3zvO3CqSm4_OGDS53BU6VF0CY0Cc but the wording is what makes it more YTA. Take it as a learning experience. You don need to bring attention to that exact issue an issue that can be incredibly triggering and upsetting for people like Claire. You making a false dichotomy between this child having zero financial support or having his dad make millions.Also, to your point about Walmart, Hill isn just "some random employee," he a major sports star with name recognition. NFL teams spend millions scouting and vetting players, and only 53 guys end up playing for any one team, as opposed to the thousands and thousands that are employed by Walmart. NFL teams are not like big corporations, they are more comparable to small family run businesses that also happen to make billions (if we just talking about the players, obviously there are many more background people employed by each team).. tape in extensions

    full lace wigs About 5 minutes of googling gives some context. This is mission barbeque, a restaurant catering towards military and first responders (mostly emphasis on military). They tend to offer heavy discounts to military and first responders as well as their general marketing of pro military, pro america, pro nationalism themes. full lace wigs

    lace front wigs Well that kind of the point. We all going to die eventually and a human live in the grand scheme of life itself isn much. So why not take the 75 80 years you get and just, live it? My Abuelo celebrated his 95th birthday last month. 35 points submitted 28 days agoYeah legit. I love watching it for the challenges (Cause they produce some neat pictures) and the makeover is always a fun dramafest (Idc what hair you being given, it grows back.) but sometimes it made me uncomfortable how shitty they treated the girls. Models already are treated like garbage, like no more than a hanger for clothes so it kinda shed a disturbing light.I don watch it, ahem, in a way that gives money to the showrunners now because of it. lace front wigs

    full lace wigs He didn't react in the movie because the stones are gone and he's satisfied he's secured the fate of the universe. Before destroying the stones he would absolutely be expecting the remaining Avengers to attempt coming for him so the Captain Marvel surprise attack wouldn't be effective, he'd instantly wipe them all out with a snap. Round 3 changes nothing, if anything Tony would make things worse for the team as Thanos decides to torture them first instead full lace wigs.
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